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DIY – LEGO table and storage

IMG_3886 Our new LEGO table or workstation was really easy to put together. Main item is the large IKEA Linmonn table that gives enough space to work on for 2 children. We have 10 x 10 plates but I don’t have any plans to glue them down. IKEA Adde chairs are better fit than their old IKEA Mammut chairs. (On the table: Organizing LEGO instruction booklets )
IMG_3599 Second important item was storage. I used IKEA Bygel containers. I decided to separate them by color again but not store in plastic bags. There were only 3 colors at our IKEA store. I got 10 containers and painted them with acrylic paint. Acrylic paint set is from Michael’s. I should have purchased satin finish. Since I didn’t, I put a coat of wood varnish we had at home. My son printed the labels for color names.
IMG_3887 I got 2 towel hanging rails from Amazon. You can get IKEA Bygel rails that go with the containers. I had assumed the buckets’ hangers would fit into the back of the wooden shelves, so I left IKEA without any rails. When I got home and realized the wood is thicker than the buckets’ hangers, I ran to good ol’ Amazon. I fixed the rails to the back of the shelves with plastic straps instead of screwing them, just in case I want to sell the shelves in the future.
IMG_3888 As I had mentioned in my previous post, our main issue with LEGO’s or any other building toy was displaying the completed project without hurting ourselves and the project. These shelves which contained games before are now used to hold and display their work. This is “his” shelves. Can you count how many Hero Factory LEGOs we have?
IMG_3889 This is “hers” shelves filled with LEGO Friends.


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11 Responses to “DIY – LEGO table and storage”

  1. demirfan says:

    ama bunlar ingilizce::::::(

  2. What a great set-up! I’ll have to keep this in mind as my kids get older!

  3. NotAlone says:

    I can’t see your first picture for some reason :/ Looks like a cool setup though! Just wish we had that much room :p

  4. NotAlone says:

    And now after I commented, the photo randomly loaded. Haha. VERY nice! :)

  5. Homa says:

    I love the incorporation of display areas!

  6. tugba says:

    merhaba pratik anne. çat pat ingilizcemle yazmayı bekleseydim herhalde bir hafta sonra yazabilirdim :-) yeni evin hayırlı olsun. ben senin eski misafirlerindenim. yeni evini de çok beğendim. kendini böyle rahat ifade edebiliyorsan anladığım kadarını okuyarak anlamadığımı resimlerinden destekleyerek ben yine seni takip edeceğim. lego masana bayıldım. taşınma arefesinde olduğum şu aylarda iyi fikir oldu bana. benim de bir büyük oğlum bir küçük kızım var çünkü.. sevgiler

  7. nazmiye says:

    harika bir çözüm olmuş, çokça düşündüğüm bir konu olmuştur bu legolar.

    elinize sağlık.

  8. Rebekah Nelson says:

    Where did you get the side shelves for display?

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