DIY – LEGO table and storage


Our new LEGO table or workstation was really easy to put together. Main item is the large IKEA Linmonn table that gives enough space to work on for 2 children. We have 10 x 10 plates but I don't have any plans to glue them down. IKEA Adde chairs are better fit than their old IKEA Mammut chairs. (On the table: Organizing LEGO instruction … [Read more...]

Redesigning our playroom


I have been working on a lengthy project in our basement, which is our children's playroom.  It's been quite a while since we set up for early learning, then preschool and kindergarten, while my son already outgrew a lot of stuff, including games, toys and furniture. This summer, I decided to take on a complete overhaul and update the … [Read more...]

Rome with Children: Day 4 – Walking around the city


On our final day, we went back to Villa Borghese as we had promised to our children. We rented the go kart and bicycle until they got tired of them. We walked around the Pincio a little bit. This is a steam clock. For more things to do in Villa Borghese read this post. The pine trees in Rome were extraordinary. We walked down from Pincio (Pincian … [Read more...]