Back to school, back to blogging

IMG_6193 It’s been 3 weeks since we’ve returned from our month “long” vacation and children started school. Between a month which I wouldn’t get myself to sit in front of the computer to blog because I was vacationing and another month I couldn’t sit in front of the computer to blog due to back-to-school craziness, it was one of the longest blogging hiatus I’ve taken.

Blogging (daily) is just like exercising. Once you start and keep pushing for two weeks, you’re on a roll. You miss once, you kind of fall of the wagon. You hold on to it but getting back on track gets harder and harder by day. Two weeks later, you’re lost.

So I am making the hard move today. I am attempting to get back to blogging and back to exercising (regularly) at the same time. I have so many photos, and post ideas piled up. I don’t even know where to start. There will be a lot of  travel posts.

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