Woodworking Project for kids: Squirrel Cafe

We did this “Squirrel Cafe” last summer. My son attends woodworking classes at the park he’s going for after school program. They built a race car and raced it at the downhill derby. He’s really into these type of projects. My husband found this simple woodworking project template for kids and they all put it together in few short hours in a nice sunny weekend afternoon.

You can find the template as well as what you’ll need to build a squirrel cafe here at spoonful.com.
Squirrel Cafe First we need to plan how to cut the boards.
Squirrel Cafe We mark them according to the template.
Squirrel Cafe Almost ready to cut the pieces.
Squirrel Cafe You will need clamps and some other equipment which is listed on the webpage.
Squirrel Cafe Let’s do this.
Squirrel Cafe Everyone gives a hand. There are lots of nails to hammer.

Squirrel Cafe And here is the squirrel cafe. You put a dried ear of corn on that table and wait for the squirrels. To be honest, we didn’t have a lot of customers. Still it was a fun project.

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