Bristol Renaissance Faire – 2013

This is our second year at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I love this event for myself and the children and made sure I spared a day for it. The weather was perfect. Here are some tips for beginners:

  1. Get your tickets at Walgreen’s beforehand. They are not dated. You save $3 each.
  2. Bring a lot of extra cash for the rides.
  3. If it’s your first time, try to go as early as possible. There are lots of shows to watch and rides to get on. You might go for two days if you are going alone and are really into the festival. With children, one day a yar should be good enough.
  4. A lot of people go there with costumes. You can let your children wear their favorite fairy, princess, pirate or hero costume. You can dress to the occasion as well.
  5. If you have little children come prepared with lunch and snacks. The food options are not very healthy.
  6. Bring your slings and sturdy strollers for smaller children.

Parking lot
Do remember where you park by row. Snap a picture with your phone or camera to help you remember.
ThunderbirdsBeautiful, pastel colored Thunderbirds, lined up.
JoustFirst ride, Joust practice. This year, my son couldn’t get the ring. Oh, well!
ArcheryMy son’s favorite activity: Archery. We might have spent $20-25 on this one. ($5 a for a dozen arrows)
Petting FarmThere is a petting farm for the little ones.

UntitledSat down for an improv music concert and fruit ice.

Fire whip Watched Adam Crack’s Fire Whip show for the first time this year. Pretty talented and funny.

CarousselHuman powered carousel was fun.

Vegetable JusticeThis tomato-throwing-in-return-of-insults game is my husband’s favorite. The guy is hilarious. He just kills it.
Untitled We learned the history of weapons. The sulfur smell from gun poweder was terrible though.
Joust FightWatched the Joust Tournament again. Apparently, they have different shows at different times. They do not repeat the same show during the day.

UntitledThe photo does not do justice to the vibrant colors of this beautiful chalk painting.

UntitledAnother musical show on stage.

UntitledSinging on the balcony.

A fairySpotted a fairy behind the bushes.

UntitledMusic and dancing at the town square. Kids danced along with the group.

Last year’s visit to Bristol Renaissance Faire.

See the complete Flick album for our Bristol Renaissance Faire visits here


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