Woodworking Project for kids: Squirrel Cafe


We did this "Squirrel Cafe" last summer. My son attends woodworking classes at the park he's going for after school program. They built a race car and raced it at the downhill derby. He's really into these type of projects. My husband found this simple woodworking project template for kids and they all put it together in few short hours in a nice … [Read more...]

Book Review: Chicken books for children


Since Fluffy and Yellow and later Chick Vader joined our family , we read a lot about Chicks and Chickens. I would like to share the books we read on Chicks and Chickens and few fun picture books with Chickens. We got all of these books from the library. Chickens by Peter Brady is a simple, fact-based book about chickens with great … [Read more...]

Our backyard chickens and new coop


It's been more than 2 months since we brought Fluffy and Yellow home. They were merely 4-day-old chicks when we got them. (Read how we got them here) We kept them in a brooder at home for a while. We knew we were going to keep them so I set out to find a proper coop. I found one that I felt is the best setup for our backyard on eBay and ordered. I … [Read more...]

Bristol Renaissance Faire – 2013


This is our second year at the Bristol Renaissance Faire. I love this event for myself and the children and made sure I spared a day for it. The weather was perfect. Here are some tips for beginners: Get your tickets at Walgreen's beforehand. They are not dated. You save $3 each. Bring a lot of extra cash for the rides. If it's your first … [Read more...]