DIY shirts, Father’s Day gift for Simpsons fans

This is the gift we, I and the kids, gave to my husband last year as Father’s day gift. I think he’s tired of the Homer Simpson themed shirts, I buy for him. So this time, I decided to make a matching set of t-shirts for him and the kids.

Iron on shirt design
I purchased iron-on fabric transfer sheets and plain shirts to design the t-shirts. I found the images online. I searched for ones as high-resolution as possible. I typed the catch phrases on a Word document. Printed everything out on the transfer sheets and cut them out.
IMPORTANT TIP #1: Remember that once you print on a sheet, you’ll turn it back on the fabric and iron-on. So print has to be mirror image of what you want to see on the fabric. e.g. “Doh!” should be “!hoD”, including D in mirror image.

Iron on shirt design
I placed the transfer sheets on the shirts.

Iron on shirt design
I ironed them, so the prints would transfer.

IMPORTANT TIP #2: Buy the type of transfer sheet that is appropriate for the color of the fabric. There are white fabric transfer sheets, light color, transfer sheets and colored fabric transfer sheets. I didn’t pay attention to that detail at first and this happened. DOH!, literally.

Iron on shirt designOnce I got the right transfer sheet, the shirts were ready. Father’s Homer shirt.

Iron on shirt designSon’s Bart shirt.

Iron on & adhesive lettersDaughter’s Lisa shirt. I used iron-on ready velvet letters to write “Daddy’s Girl” on the shirt. You need to wash the shirts inside out to lengthen the life of the transfers.

Now I have to start thinking about this year’s Father’s Day gift. Or certain someone! can drop an anonymous comment with his wish list.


  1. says

    This is such a cool idea! I’m totally going to make my hubby & his daughters matching shirts for Father’s Day, thank you for this post!

    • Practical Mama says

      Thank you! My husband is a big “Simpsons” fan. I’ll be following to see if you share your photos.

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