{Children’s Book Week} Our Favorite Children’s Books

It is Children’s Book Week from May 13-19. I thought I would list our favorite children’s books in this week’s post. I asked my daughter and son to list theirs.

IMG_1155 I will start with my son’s favorites. (Turning 8 y.o. in 2 weeks) He is very much into books with Star Wars, Lego Hero Factory and other Lego characters. He told me these are his favorites now.

IMG_1154He loves books, that involves writing and illustration.

His other favorite chapter book series:

IMG_1156My daughter (5,5 y.o.) listed these three as her favorites.

IMG_1152Along with Rainbow Magic: Fairy Princess series,I’ve written about in my last week’s “What we’re reading” post, my daughter likes the Pinkalicious Pink-a-rama series.

IMG_1150Here are my all time favorite children’s books. Anything by Dr. Seuss. No explanation needed here.


  • Bear Feels Sick: How can you not love that cuddly bear? I love Karma Wilson’s Bear Books.
  • How are you peeling?: Did you know veggies and fruits have feelings? This book is not only fun but it’s a work of art.
  • When Findus was little and disappeared: Sven Nordqvist is a Swedish children’s books author and illustrator. I got this book from Gothenburg, along with a Pippi Longstocking book. I love this book for its simple, heartwarming story and detailed illustrations.  Findus has many other adventures.


  1. says

    I adore books. We have so many, which is a great thing for the wee ones. They both adore the Gregor the Overlander series and the Bone books. We’re rediscovering the Geronimo Stilton books again, partly because I picked up one of the audiobooks to put in my car. I’m sort of jealous of all the “girlie” books because mine won’t touch them, but… at least I can reuse the books across both kids? I do miss the little kid books like When Bear Gets Sick, but the Dr. Seuss ones are never EVER going away. I’m keeping that collection. That and my Sandra Boynton books!

  2. says

    We just read How Do You Peel! We also have the whole set of Wimpy Kids, including the Do It Yourself book (which I thought was a brilliant idea!). My 10 year-old daughter just started her summer reading with 5 different books on aliens and I started mine with King Arthur of Britain, written by Sir Thomas Malory. We are a family of readers and we have so many books we have to thin them out a few times a year.

    I got here through the June Blog Hop! You have a great blog!

    • Practical Mama says

      Hi Cynthia, Thank for visiting Practical Mama and letting me know about the DIY Book. I heard it from you and I’ll definitely check it out. We need to visit the library and get our summer reading list straight. Unfortunately, CPS in Chicago starts summer recess on June 25. Still 3 weeks to go.

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