Organizing herb, spice and seed bottles

We use herbs, spices and seeds a lot, and we use a lot of them. I also dry my own herbs from the garden during the summer to use all year round. So we had so many different types and sizes of bottles and ziploc bags filled with dry mint, oregano and parsley. Then within all that disorganized crowd we cannot find what we are looking for and go to the store and buy again. So I set out to organize my herbs and spices in a easy-access, easy-to locate fashion. I found these 3 products on

The one pictured above is “YouCopia Super SpiceStack Spice Organizer“. I got 2 of the 18-bottle one because I liked the color. 2 sets of stickers come along with the rack. One with preprinted names and the other blank. You can put them on the drawer as well as the bottle. The drawers pull out and lower. They (the gray color) hold both round and square bottles. As you can see above, the big rectangular curry powder bottle sits perfectly. Almost all of 36 locations are full. So many herbs, spices and seeds to cook with.

This is our pantry shelf. I still keep some of big jars and the excess herbs and spices (that cannot fit into 3.5 oz bottles) in packets in the wicker basket until they are depleted.  My mom also organized all the nuts (hazelnut, almond and pistachio) as well as dried fruits in big glass containers.

I put green smiley face stickers (from kids’ stash) on the bottles that we still have more in the basket so that we do not buy a new one when the bottle is finished.

These are the spices that we use the most. I got this “SpiceStor Organizer Spice Rack” and attached it to the bottom of the cabinet shelf. It’s has a simple rail system, that you can pull out. There are “door-mount” types as well. It is very practical and keeps the cabinet organized.

I also purchased 16 Glass Spice Bottle Set and put everything in packets and ziploc bags in glass bottles and placed them in the organizer. Finally, we can find anything we look for.


  1. says

    Ok, I drooled over this post. It *almost* made me jump off the couch, in my Saturday morning PJs, and run to my cabinet to start planning with some of your great ideas!

    But seriously, love the green sticker idea, and you have a beautiful pantry! I pinned a few shots from this, and am going to try some out – THANKS!!

  2. Monica Smith says

    Thank you for sharing your ideas. I grow and dry herbs, have several spices, and was wanting to get them better organized. “If you can see them, you will (hopefully) use them,” is my line of thinking.

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