Google Reader Alternative for following blog feeds: Feedly

I was one of the devastated bunch, when I heard that Google would discontinue the Reader service as of July 1, 2013.  I have been following my favorite blogs on Google reader since I’ve started blogging myself. I started my research for an alternative through Google search. I came up with many readers, mostly apps for smart phones for reading news. There are few blog feed readers but neither has the features that Google Reader has that use extensively. Finally, I decided on Feedly based on many user reviews, as well as poll results I read during my research. I have been using it for the last 2-3 weeks and I’ve been really happy about it.

  1. You can access Feedly both via web browser (Chrome, Firefox and Safari add-on),and via app on smartphones (iOS, Android and Kindle).
  2. It is very easy to migrate all your blogroll from Google Reader. You just logon with your Google id and password and allow access.
  3. Feedly keeps you categories as well as stars during import. This was very important for me and was the major reason that I eliminated Bloglovin’.
  4. You can add new blogs very easily and browse for new ones using “tags” or “subjects”.
  5. There are 4 different layouts to browse the blogs you’re following: simple list (title only like GR), magazine, cards and full article.
  6. I also use the app version on my iPhone and iPad.
  7. You can edit your categories and blogs, sort by name, sort by newest or oldest first.
  8. Feedly also provides recommendations based on who you’re following.
  9. If you read a blog post, Feedly automatically assumes it as “read”. If you want to read them again, you have to go to “History” or select “Recently read”.
  10. You can share the articles on social networks such as FB, Twitter, G+ and Linkedin without having to go to the website. You can also tag the articles individually.

I really like Feedly. It took me a short while to find my way around. I think Feedly capitalized on Google Reader’s shut-down pretty well. They expanded their capacity right away and quickly added some new features that we were used to having at GR. I highly recommend Feedly to follow and your other favorite blogs. These are some other articles about Feedly.

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You can click here to follow on Feedly. You can also subscribe to receive blog posts via e-mail using the subscription box on the right side. Like my Facebook Page and follow my twitter account using the icons on the top banner.


  1. says

    I was devastated, too, but have to say I love Feedly! I love categorizing things and find the interface great (even have it on my computer now). Who needs Google?! ;)
    – stopping by from Bloggy Moms April Blog Hop

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