Her brain vs. his brain


I like yoga but I can hardly meditate. I cannot empty my mind. I never understood how one could not think about anything. A big example: my husband When I and my husband first started to date I would talk and he would listen. (Later on, he figured he needed to talk to shut me up) There would be long pauses of (awkward for me) silence, when I … [Read more...]

“First think, then act” status update


It's been more than a month, since we've completed the “First think, then act” program in February. I wanted to share the results with you. I also learned that today is "National Siblings Day". The month of February was a work-in-progress. My beloved kids really tried to work on the communication, mostly because they did want to get a green icon … [Read more...]

National Robotics Week at the MSI Chicago


National Robotics Week started on Saturday, April 6 with many showcases and activities running throughout the day at the Museum of Science and Industry of Chicago. Roboweek will continue until Sunday, April 14. We could not miss it because my son is crazy about robots and my daughter is influenced by her big brother. we recently got our … [Read more...]

The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 #UBP13


If you are stopping by from The Ultimate Blog Party 2013, welcome to Practical Mama blog. This is my first year at The Ultimate Blog Party 2013 and I am looking forward to meeting other moms and bloggers, and mommy bloggers and reading your blogs. I am a working mother of a boy (almost 8 ) and a girl (5). I live in the windy city, Chicago. I … [Read more...]

Repurposing old mattress as a trampoline


We used to own a little toddlers/preschoolers trampoline when my son was about 2.5 years-old. It was relatively safe with less bouncy center and two padded handles on each side. After my daughter started to get up and cruise, she played with it a lot as well. Then they outgrew that trampoline. However, living in Chicago we still needed an indoor … [Read more...]

Organizing herb, spice and seed bottles


We use herbs, spices and seeds a lot, and we use a lot of them. I also dry my own herbs from the garden during the summer to use all year round. So we had so many different types and sizes of bottles and ziploc bags filled with dry mint, oregano and parsley. Then within all that disorganized crowd we cannot find what we are looking for and go to … [Read more...]

Why do kids who have hard time waking up during school days, wake up early during weekends?


My son is in second grade and my daughter is in preschool. They go to different schools and their starting times are different. In order to make it to the school bus, I have to wake my son up, the latest at 6:30 am during school days. It is hard for him to wake up at 6:30 am even though he goes to bed as early as possible. It's even hard for me to … [Read more...]