Winter Activity: Snowflake / Snow Crystal Observation

Just in time for the winter activities, provided by Chicago Public Library, it started to snow on Christmas Day in Chicago.
Chicago Public Library has very well-thought holiday and vacation programs. Like the “Reading Program” during the summer, they had the Winter Learning Program” for the winter break. We have a really nice Children’s Librarian at our local Library. As I went in to check out some books, she personally informed me about the program and gave me the forms. It definitely came handy as children were started to get really bored and I was running of activity ideas.

We did the Snow Cyrstal Observation as fresh snow started to come down.

For this activity you need:

Put the dark colored paper in the freezer before the activity. When it starts snowing, take the paper out and place on a flat, cold and dry surface. Let the snowflakes fall on the paper. Then have your kids observe the snowflakes / snow crystals and try to find the types they see on the cheat sheet.

You can also take photos with macro lens or your camera’s macro feature for future reference.


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