Gluten-free diet: Living Gluten-free – Part II

When I mention, I follow gluten-free diet for my auto-immune problem, sometimes people say, they also have a condition, which they think gluten-free diet might help improve. However, they are very reluctant to give up their pasta, bread, pizza etc.

Being on a gluten free diet might be a little harder not so much though for those who say they can’t live without bread or die if they don’t eat pasta (trust me you will live) or those who say they will lose their ear if they don’t pizza. Since gluten free diets have become popular, you can easily find alternative gluten free products you are used to consuming on regular basis. I would like to introduce you to quinoa, only grain I enjoy eating. These little guys called quinoa are originally from South America and are known to be gluten-free, grain containing the highest amount of protein, not increasing the blood sugar, very healthy and winner of my heart and my stomach.

You can cook it like rice with a 1 to 2 rice to water ratio and use it for different recipes. You can also use it in cold salads. Extremely healthy.

I rarely eat rice at home. (Rice made outside may contain chicken broth with gluten) Though bulgur is prohibited you might consume brown bulgur once in a while.

Be careful about oatmeal even though it does not contain gluten, it might be produced at facilities where they produce or package other products containing gluten. Some mornings I eat steel cut oat but try to be careful about buying gluten-free oatmeal.

There are so many resources in Turkish that provide gluten-free recipes. You can make gluten free bread, cake, cookies using potatoes, corn, and almond and coconut flour. You might have to buy storebought glutenfree pasta. These products contain high levels of sugar in order to keep them glued together. I try to restrain from these products since they are not good for me anyways.

To a dinner I had previously attended, I took gluten free tart for a friend of mine who has allergy to foods with gluten. It was very delicious. Since I had not consumed any desert made with flour recently, I enjoyed eating it myself. But later, I realized it was too sweet and I felt its effect. Since corn has gdo and rice flour is arsenic, I stay away from them.  Also you have to pay attention because not all products with labels saying gluten free is really gluten free. For example on the website named “Gluten-free Istanbul”, it says that the bread that is produced by Istanbul Public Bread is gluten-free and it contains wheat starch.

Important Note: If you are eating gluten free foods just so that you can lose weight but still eating gluten free pizza, products made with rice, corn or potato starch, you might gain more weight in fact. Be careful! If you intend to lose weight, try to get your carbs through legumes.


Don’t just cut wheat, barley and rye.


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