Sibling Relationship: Making new habits


For the last few weeks, my son and daughter literally lost their capabilities to communicate and getting along well. The constant bickering, stubbornness, competition, disrespect and fights got worse. Not only did we lose our peace in our home that but they carried their unacceptable behavior out of the house to family visits and public … [Read more...]

How to prevent milk from boiling over


I - try to - make my own homemade yogurt as much as possible. I have to  boil the milk first, in order to do that. However, since I neither have the patience nor the attention span to keep an eye on the stove, the milk has a high risk to boil over. Spilled milk on a stove is pain to clean up so I use this trick to prevent it from boiling over. I … [Read more...]

“Taste it once” rule

My kids aren't picky - luckily - and they have a good appetite. However, time to time, when they are offered new food or dishes, they might be reluctant to try. My son is a little bit sensitive to smell and texture in taste. My daughter, might refuse either to imitate her brother, or just because she's decided so. It sometimes works other way … [Read more...]

Gluten-free diet: Living Gluten-free – Part II

When I mention, I follow gluten-free diet for my auto-immune problem, sometimes people say, they also have a condition, which they think gluten-free diet might help improve. However, they are very reluctant to give up their pasta, bread, pizza etc. Being on a gluten free diet might be a little harder not so much though for those who say they … [Read more...]

How to detangle dolls’ hair


This post can be a great subject for "First World Problems" meme. My daughters doll's hair is tangled. What do I do? Well, there is a solution for that, believe it or not. You need: Woolite (You can also use fabric softener as well. I don't use softener and woolite works.) What is called a wig brush Water. Mix half a cup of water … [Read more...]

Winter Activity: Snowflake / Snow Crystal Observation


Just in time for the winter activities, provided by Chicago Public Library, it started to snow on Christmas Day in Chicago. Chicago Public Library has very well-thought holiday and vacation programs. Like the "Reading Program" during the summer, they had the Winter Learning Program" for the winter break. We have a really nice Children's Librarian … [Read more...]

Our New Year’s Eve Menu


We celebrated the New Year's Eve at home with friends and family this year. We kept the menu low key and as healthy as possible. The items were all gluten-free. Roasted Chicken with Chestnuts and rice Zucchini boats with sauteed vegetables Quinoa Stuffed Bell Peppers Shrimp with Mushrooms in stoneware Cauliflower Salad prepared by our … [Read more...]