Post-Reset test results

This will be short.

My results:

Weight: Lost 6 lbs. ( (BMI from from 22.4 to 21.5)

Cholesterol: dropped 19 pts. (practically non-existent at this point)

LDL: dropped 37 pts. (way low)

Body fat dropped from 32.2% to 29%

Glucose level was normal, dropped just a bit.

I also noticed my skin is clearer. I had some acne and red acne scars. They are mostly gone. What’s most important for me is that the “frown line” that recently became visible,  deeper and irritating between my eyebrows has considerably diminished.

My husband’s results:

Weight: Lost 13 lbs. (BMI from from 23 to 22)

Cholesterol: dropped 37 pts. (it was above target,within healthy range now)

LDL: dropped 40 pts. (it was above target, within healthy range now)

Body fat dropped to 18%

Glucose level was normal.


My mom’s results:

Weight: Lost 8.5 lbs. (BMI from from 26.5 to 24.9)

Cholesterol: dropped 63 pts. (it was above target,well within healthy range now)

LDL: dropped 50 pts. (it was above target, still higher than but closer to healthy range now)

Body fat dropped from 44.1% to 40.8%

Glucose level was normal.


Looking at my husband’s and mom’s results, I think Ultimate Reset was well worth it. We are now on the path to make long-term changes to keep the healthy trend forward and upward.

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