Art Class at Chicago Art and Design Center

I got a groupon for an art class at the Chicago Art and Design Center way back, most probably a year ago. As per the norm, of course, I decided to book my class one month prior to the looming expiration date.

I went alone but most attendees were in groups. It is a BYOB event. Everyone had their wines. I recommend that you eat before the class, which starts at 6:30pm. I kind of craved for snacks but with the art setup it is not very convenient to binge on snacks.
When I came in, the mini easel and canvas were readily setup. I got a plate of colors we needed. Then we grabbed our brushes and a cup of water. We used acrylic as a medium. We used a painting by Derin, owner of CADC. She instructed us on how to start on the painting. We painted step by step.

Work in progress

First background, then the tree. Derin helped everyone along the process one by one. All mistakes can be corrected as she reiterated and she explained us how, when a mistake happened.

Finished work

It was a fun evening of 2,5 hours of painting. I realized I really need to spare few hours every week to practice painting.
When kids saw my painting the next day, they wanted to do it as well. So I told them what Derin told me and they painted a copy with tempera paints. They did quite a good job.

I will be checking the BYOB classes regularly, to see if I catch another painting I like, to attend a new class.


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