Roasted Root Vegetable Medley


This recipe is a modified version of one of the dishes in Ultimate Reset. I have been receiving a big bag of Root Vegetable Soup mix from Fresh Picks for the last two shipments, I decided to cook this instead of cooking soup over and over. Ingredients: 1 big carrot 1 medium sweet potato 1 big red beet 1 medium yellow onion 1 yellow … [Read more...]

Art Class at Chicago Art and Design Center


I got a groupon for an art class at the Chicago Art and Design Center way back, most probably a year ago. As per the norm, of course, I decided to book my class one month prior to the looming expiration date. I went alone but most attendees were in groups. It is a BYOB event. Everyone had their wines. I recommend that you eat before the class, … [Read more...]

Repurpose: From toy chest to ottoman bench


We've been making some decor changes in the house since the kids are transitioning from toddler, preschooler setup to elementary setup. I have been trying to get rid of unused items through craigslist or simply by donating. I also try move around some items to reintroduce them with a better purpose. This almost-7-year-old IKEA toy chest is one of … [Read more...]

Post-Reset test results

This will be short. My results: Weight: Lost 6 lbs. ( (BMI from from 22.4 to 21.5) Cholesterol: dropped 19 pts. (practically non-existent at this point) LDL: dropped 37 pts. (way low) Body fat dropped from 32.2% to 29% Glucose level was normal, dropped just a bit. I also noticed my skin is clearer. I had some acne and red acne … [Read more...]