Ultimate Reset, Phase III Day 6

This is the day before the last. This week has been hard. It was hard not only because I was traveling for business for a part of it but also because I was constantly feeling hungry. Eating only fruits for breakfast doesn’t keep me full until lunch.

In addition to that, during my travel, I figured why my husband was complaining about being hungry all the time. I work out of home, sitting in front of the computer all day. All I was doing was an additional 30-45 min walk every day. Other than that my physical activity level was very low. During the visit to our client’s site, we had to walk around their facilities. It was hard. I got tired and lightheaded very quickly. I was walking around with my 32 oz. water jug filled with distilled water and treated with Himalayan salt. I had to visit a bathroom on every single site.

Constipation has been another issue. I really didn’t feel like I have eliminated a lot to be honest. I don’t know if this is only me but I am still puzzled why my system stopped, with the amount of fruits, vegetables I am eating and water I am drinking. As a consolation, I guess my kidneys are squeaky clean now.

Most of the food tasted delicious. I like them all. Unfortunately (fortunately for me), cooking totally fell on my mom. I felt really guilty.

Tomorrow is the last day. Then weigh in time. You see the UR ads with huge weight losses. Then they say that the core purpose of the program is not about weight loss but to clean up the system and gain healthy eating habits. This is a bit contradicting to me. I can totally vouch for the healthy eating habits part. I hope my system is cleaned, even though I still need to eliminate more.

My biggest hope from this program is to give my system a jump start with the new round of P90X/Insanity/BBL hyrid program, I started today. The program guide advises to take it slowly and ramp up in two weeks but I couldn’t wait. My body is craving to break a sweat. They always preach about “listening to your body” on the forum. That’s what I am doing.

I also read the post-reset program. How you should introduce back some of the foods you eliminated. Meat was a sensitive issue for my husband. He says, he is convinced he cannot think straight without meat. I think I will go slow as recommended. I already eat more veggies and fruits than meat in general. The quality of the meat (grass fed for red meat, free range for chicken and wild for fish) is also very very important. I hope I can keep my mom on the same healthy eating path. She seemed to like the program.


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