Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 3

Almost half-way. This is Day 10. Yaaay! 11 Days to go.

I had to attend an alumni breakfast meeting this morning. I got my supplements and left home with my fruits in a container. The train was packed, so I couldn’t open my delicious box of fresh fruits and eat them. Luckily, at the event they were serving all the low glycemic index fruits at the breakfast buffet. I was so relieved, not having to take out my glad container. I tried to network my way around, devouring the plate because I was so hungry.

I felt quite hungry through the day. I think, today was the 2nd time I ate snacks in the afternoon. The problem with the snacks for me is timing. After alkalinize you really have to watch the clock and get your snack in half an hour so that you can eat dinner two hours later.

I also had a headache. Not a painful but numbing one. I got better after dinner.

3rd day in detox and bowel movements are as ordinary as they can be. I think either all the food that I eat is being used up by my system or some of them are backed up inside. My mom is feeling the same way.

I like drinking a lot of water, despite having to visit the bathroom more than I am used to.  Portionwise the foods are ok, However, as delicious as they are, fruits for breakfast and soup and salad for lunch still feels a little bit empty.

We have a family gathering in our house for breakfast tomorrow. We’ll serve the fancy stuff for guests and we’ll munch on our fruits. We should be fine. 2 days to go and I will be traveling for 4 days. Saturday and Sunday will be prep and packing time for me.



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