Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 2

Miso soup and chickpeas in the morning. Hmmmm!  I am eating. I’m hungry. Apparently my husband didn’t eat the miso and hardly ate the chickpea paste. Lunch and dinner were ok but I am really really tired of microgreen salad now. Jicama isn’t even helping.

On the good side, I am not craving for sugar or sweets anymore. Just when I get down to the kitchen, I reach for the nuts and dried fruits out of habit. They have been my “healthy but overdose” snacks for sometime.

I loved the sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque. Lunch was good with rice and pinto beans. We couldn’t walk today. Getting up at 5:30 every morning is taking its toll on me. I try to go to sleep early but I practically need to sleep with the kids to get my 8 hr sleep.  I don’t know how my husband can function with this schedule.

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