Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 1

Phase II, Day 1. Everyone weighed this morning. I might be down a pound or two but it’s fluctuating. My mom’s weight was about the same. We feel like our digestive system is a little bit backed up. My husband though, seems to have lost about 10 lbs. he’s still complaining he’s hungry and joking he’s going to throw a barbecue party on day 22.

I was kind of scared of the Detox powder, from what I’ve read on the forums. It turned out exactly the opposite. Detox powder, even though it has a grainy texture, tastes much better than alkalinize. using a shaker is recommended to smooth the texture.

Infamous Microgreen Salad

We started with a fruit breakfast. it was yummy. Today was microgreen salad day again. I was almost done with it. It was so hard for me to chew on the carrots and parsley. Today, my mom added jicama and put dill instead of parsley. It was such a nice change in flavor and texture. Jicama added quite a bit of juice to the salad, which made easier to chew it down. Portions seem to get smaller.

However, I haven’t felt any acceleration in my digestive system or even a loosening in the output. My mom is the same. I don’t know if it’ll get any better. To be honest, we were both disappointed in that area because we were totally waiting for Detox phase to get rid of the bulging bellies.


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