Ultimate Reset, Phase I, Day 5

Day 5 was a really nice and busy Sunday. We spent a lot of time prepping and cooking as usual. We – mostly my mom – spent all night after dinner preparing tomorrows breakfast and lunch.

Today I learned something new about “drinking water with meals“. I was talking about the UR program with a friend who is a medical doctor. She mentioned an article on Journal of American Medical Association about this topic, which originated from an article 100 years ago. I found the article online. It was interesting. The article that was written 100 years ago supported not to drink water during meals. However, today’s doctors do not see any harm drinking small amounts of water, that is not cold during meals, even claim that it helps break down foods and help digestion. The article, states though, drinking ice cold water, in big amounts like many Americans do today is harmful. You can read the article here. I am still undecided. I used to sip water at room temperature between bites, which this article claims healthy and helpful. Now I drink a glass of water before the meal and wait to drink water 1 hr after the meal.

One major accomplishment of the day was to end a 3-day-long constipation. I have been drinking crazy amounts of water. I am not sure why this happened. It was quite uncomfortable.

The weather forecast reported potential severe thunderstorms in the Chicagoland area. But the weather was so warm, I convinced my son to go bike riding in the North Branch Trail. The bike path was gorgeous. Despite the gloomy sky, the colors were so bright and stunning. It was a very calming and pleasant ride. We took our time instead or rushing the path. My son wanted to go back around 1.5 miles, saying his legs were tired. I complied and we started riding back. We got out of the path. A block from the car, rain poured down on us. We sped to the car and my son jumped in. I put in the bikes then got in the car.  It was “almost” perfect timing. I thanked my son for his help to get us back on time, otherwise we would have been soaked.

Today kids ate different meals than us. In the morning they ate pancakes. At lunch, they had the veggies and hummus but ate leftovers from previous meals. I liked all the dishes. Raw veggies and hummus were delish. Here are the photos from today’s meals.




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