Ultimate Reset, Phase I, Day 4

Today we were invited to my brother’s for breakfast. We packed our own breakfasts and went to out hosts’ house. They were having their own omelets, breads and jams and we shamelessly ate our  fruits, yogurt and toast -of which I couldn’t take any pictures. I am used to not eating, what I shouldn’t eat at an invite. I don’t know how my husband was feeling but everyone stayed strong. It was nice to get together as a family. Healthy eating was a big part of the conversation.

We came home and started working on lunch and dinner. Today I really felt like, we prep, we cook, we take our supplements, we eat, we cleanup and then repeat. I like the food, the whole program. We always cook at home, but not a different dish for every single meal, every single day. We cook in batches and alternate or tweak a little bit. Then we use leftovers for lunch or soup. Some of the dishes just take me 30 minutes to cook or prepare. These dishes have numerous ingredients, that require a lot of prep and marinating and waiting and cooking/baking. Yes, I am nagging. It is the weekend. I and my mom were cooking all afternoon while my husband was playing with the kids.

Today’s dinner (salad) gave me a quite a bit of heartburn. I think it was the combination or red onions and vinegar. I don’t like vinegar or lemon in salad. I like a drizzle of virgin olive oil. That’s it.

I cooked in my new Lodge iron cast skillet tonight. It’s very heavy. I liked it. I think it’ll be in frequent use. By the way, in this program my pressure cooker is doing overtime. With steamed leaves, veggies and legumes, I am using it at least 2-3 times a day.

We went out for a walk with my husband after the kids went to bed. The weather was really nice. I tried to catch up on my sleep this morning but my daughter was coughing a lot so we woke up early morning again. If I can sleep more, I know I will not have my afternoon cravings.



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