Ultimate Reset, Phase I, Day 2

Day 2 went pretty well for me. My husband had major hunger complaints. My mom told me, she had a headache in the afternoon.

I had an energy blast in the morning. I felt like going out to run. I did 25 mins of yoga. I got hungry around 4 pm as usual. I have been drinking water in between meals like I found an oasis in a desert.

What I learned today: I need to read next days menu, plan and get ready for prepping. These meals are not fix in 1/2 hr type of recipes. You need time to marinate, cook legumes and grain. Since I need to fix my husbands lunch around 5:30 am, I need to have the ingredients cooked and ready the night before.

One thing I find questionable about this program is that the quantity (calorie) everyone eats is the pretty much the same. Only men have extra servings in breakfast and dinner. Even for women, one who weighs +10 lbs vs. another who has +60 lbs. need different calorie intakes. Or a person who sits in front of the computer all day (like me) vs. who works in a physically demanding job should take in appropriate calories. I need to read about this either in the booklet or ask in the Facebook group but I want to observe for few more days.

All the meals are very tasty. Kids are eating the same meals with us at breakfast and dinner and they are very happy about it.

Here are the pictures of the Day 2 meals. I couldn’t capture dinner. I was running out for a school parent meeting and had to quickly shove down the brown rice/black bean tacos.




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