Ultimate Reset, Phase I, Day 1

All in all, Day 1 went really well. I nailed the menu. I drank about 90 oz. water. I also learned some new stuff.

What I learned on Day 1: All about water. First of all, we put the mineralize in all the water we drink during the day. So we drink the oxigenize drops and supplements with the mineralized distilled water. Then we continue drinking the mineralized drinking water to the amount we need to drink all day. You figure the minimum amount you need to drink by dividing your weight. I started at 153 lbs.

When you drink the water is really important. You drink water 5-10 minutes before the meals and start drinking again only 1/2 to 1 hour after the meal. You don’t drink water during the meal and here is the explanation from the Ultimate Reset Guide:

“Drinking liquid while you eat tends to dilute digestive juices and acids, which slows down your digestion considerably. When food takes too long to go through your system, it can cause digestive problems, like fermentation and putrefaction in your colon. Since a main purpose of the Ultimate Reset is to release toxicity and cleanse your colon, you don’t want to clog it up with more gunk.

In addition, drinking water prior to a meal curbs your appetite and dulls hunger pangs. Water also prepares, opens, cleans, and lubricates the digestive tract, getting your body primed and ready for the food to come.”

I had a little bit of headache and some sugar withdrawal. I realized I looking for “healthy snacks” such as nuts and seeds and I couldn’t eat those either.

I didn’t feel hungry as much as I psychologically craved for sweets and snacks. My husband complained he felt hungry after his salad for lunch. I forgot to eat a snack but he did.

I drank alkalinize without any problems. I drink wheat grass juice and green juices I make at home many times. So it wasn’t a problem. It’s not as nauseating as some describe, at least to me. That’s coming from a person with inherently strong sweet tooth.

Here are the pictures of my delicious, healthy and filling meals. Don’t mind the lack of professional setting and visual setup of the table. I am usually quite hungry and ready to eat by the time I prepare the dishes. So photo is the last priority, even though I still remember to take it.




I cooked the chicken for tomorrow’s lunch. Gotta make my husbands breakfast and lunch early in the morning.

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