Ultimate Reset – Final Day

Today is the final day. Lunch with seaweed was almost unbearable, but I ate it no matter what. I was starving. Cucumber-avocado soup in dinner, compensated for the fishy smell of the seaweed. Then we were done. 21-days of cleanse.

I am glad I’ve done this with my mom and my husband. It really helped to stick with it, not cheat and go through. I was an eye opener in a sense that I realized I have been thinking I was doing the healhty way, whereas it was not as healthy. There are few habits that I’d like to keep:

  1. I will watch how much water I drink very closely.
  2. I will eat much less meat. If I do, grass-fed red, free range chicken and wild fish will be the only choices.
  3. I will continue to drink wheat grass juice frequently.
  4. I will only use Himalayan salt from now on.
  5. I will keep an eye on my snacking. I am planning to brush my teeth, right after the meals.

I am also glad to introduce new veggies and meals such as beets, napa cabbage, cabocha squash and tempeh to my diet. I learned Braggs amino is a healthier alternative to soy sauce. Now that I have the equipment, we will be having home-made sushi more frequently. My pressure cooker and steamer was working overtime during the reset. I’d like to keep it that way. A lot of steamed and grilled veggies will be consumed. I also learned better ways to prep the veggies I know, such as baking the root veggies or adding lemon juice to steamed kale. I loved the red pepper bisque and avocado and cucumber soup. I put the program guide among my cookbook stash to quickly reach for the favorite recipes.

One thing that i will not keep eating is the brown rice. I recently read in Consumer’s report, that the arsenic level in rice has been startlingly increasing. Apparently, brown rice contains higher traces of arsenic than white rice. Even the organic ones.

We are going to have our post-reset tests done this Saturday. I don’t think I’ve lost weight. I know my husband lost about 13 and mom lost about 5. However, I am especially looking forward to see my husband’s and mom’s cholesterol results.

Overall, it was a great experience. Facebook groups provide a big support and guide. You see other people have same issues as you do and learn from them. Now that this is done, my next target is completing another round of 90-day P90X/Insanity/BBL hybrid program.

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