Ghost costume for kids- DIY

This is the easiest Halloween costume ever. My son came up with the idea and loved it. He got so many compliments for his costume. Sewing part was easy. The only issue, I really had to work on was his safety with the length of the costume.


  • 2 yards of white muslin fabric
  • White thread
  • Black marker
  • Scissors


  1. Wash and dry the fabric.
  2. Fold it in two. Then on your child, mark the eyes.
  3. I let my son paint the eyes with the marker.
  4. Cut out eye holes with scissors
  5. I sew the sides, but if you decide not to sew and the hems of the costume is not too long for your child to trip on them, your costume is ready.
  6. On your child, measure the length of the costume and pin/mark 5/8″ inside side edges,  leaving about 5 inches for hand openings.
  7. Sew the sides and hem the edges.


  1. Joana Yanez says

    I am a high school students in California making journalists stories, and the theme this week is Halloween theme, my article is “Last minute costumes” and this is a great idea. I have to ask if I could use this picture for my article.

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