Getting ready for Ultimate Reset

10/10 is the big day. In 2 days, I am going to start the Beachbody Ultimate Reset along with my husband and my mom. I wanted to document this journey on my blog for reference to us and to other who would like to try Ultimate Reset.

I have been a P90X grad for a long time. I think, I eat pretty healthy and clean. I get my daily chocolate fix with Chocolate Shakeology. I am a part of “Sweaty Fitness Challengers” team who motivates each other to stay track on the healthy path. I have the greatest coach, Jamie Len a great motivator and a role model.

I have various reasons to do Ultimate Reset and convinced my husband and my mom tag along with me. None of us is overweight. We have maybe 10, maybe 15 extra lbs. each more than our skinny days. We have different reasons and motives for Ultimate Reset. Even though “major” weight loss is not one of them, we’ll be glad if we lose some.

I have Hashimoto’s disease for the last 4 years. Getting back to my pre-first child weight is a battle that I gave up on. I am a pear shaped woman with a high tendency to put on fat only on hips and thighs when I do not take care of my body. I try to avoid this unfortunate fate by working out and eating healthy. I also follow a gluten free-diet due to my gluten allergy caused by (most likely) Hashimoto’s. My only guilty pleasure is chocolate. I try to stick with Chocolate Shakeology, 75%+ cocoa chocolate with the least additives or chocolate ice cream. I want to clean up my system and give it a jump start. As I have read some of the messages in Facebook group already, I know UR is not a miracle solution for Hashimoto’s. So I am not expecting any. I still believe it’ll somehow help and give a boost to my metabolism.

My husband is an apple shaped man who eats pretty much healthy because I cook healthy stuff at home. He tells me he tries his best for lunch in the office. He has always been slim but his belly started to get bigger in the last few years. As much he looks thin, his cholesterol is pushing the upper limit. This is the main reason I pulled him into the boat.

My mom is a whole different story. She is pear shaped and diagnosed with Hashimoto’s. (Like mother, like daughter!) She has digestive complaints (as a result of her unbalanced diet) and her cholesterol is in the upper range. Her diet, I think is her biggest problem. Even though she cooks healthy and nutritious meals for everyone else in the family, she always scrapes the bottom of the pot, eats the crusts of the bread and leftovers of her grandchildren. In my opinion, she eats 2 very small and unbalanced meals a day. She still insists, she eats a lot. She sacrifices herself to take care of her grandchildren and children, but she doesn’t take care of herself. I am convinced that UR experience will prove her, a balanced healthy diet is the solution to her problems. Once she sees that she’ll continue to take care of her body.

We’ve already got our Ultimate Reset packages. I and my husband joined the The Ultimate Reset, Phase I: Reclaim Facebook group. I logged on to the Participant Portal. I printed out the Phase I shopping list. I read the  The Ultimate Reset – Tips, which I found quite useful.

Next step is shopping for Week 1. It is going to be rather easy, because we’ll shop for 5. We’ll cook and prep the same thing for everyone else. My husband and mom saw the first week’s menu. It’s very very healthy, so the kids will eat the same meals with us.

I will take on the coordination and prep responsibilities. It’s easier for me and my mom since we’ll be at home. However, I have to help my husband prep his breakfast and lunch for the office.

The major shopping item will be the distilled water. I calculated, we need 13 gallons of distilled water for 3 of us. The only thing that bothers me in this program is the use/waste of plastic bottles for the water. I will carry them back to the recycling center for sure.

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