Ultimate Reset – Final Day

Today is the final day. Lunch with seaweed was almost unbearable, but I ate it no matter what. I was starving. Cucumber-avocado soup in dinner, compensated for the fishy smell of the seaweed. Then we were done. 21-days of cleanse. I am glad I've done this with my mom and my husband. It really helped to stick with it, not cheat and go through. I … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase III Day 6

This is the day before the last. This week has been hard. It was hard not only because I was traveling for business for a part of it but also because I was constantly feeling hungry. Eating only fruits for breakfast doesn't keep me full until lunch. In addition to that, during my travel, I figured why my husband was complaining about being … [Read more...]

Ghost costume for kids- DIY


This is the easiest Halloween costume ever. My son came up with the idea and loved it. He got so many compliments for his costume. Sewing part was easy. The only issue, I really had to work on was his safety with the length of the costume. Materials: 2 yards of white muslin fabric White thread Black … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 5

We had fruits this morning. Lunch was miso and microgreen salad. I ate Day 6's dinner because it was harder to pack and bring it with me to the trip. Kabocha Squash with Tahini sauce. It was delicious. It was so filling that I had to skip the steamed veggies that was in the menu. I packed my lunches and meals for 4 days for my business trip. I … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 4


We had guests over for breakfast today. We ate our fruits while they ate bread, waffle, cheese, a wide selection of jams and marmalades. We're used to it now. Food was good today. I cannot go without eating snacks in Phase II. I could do without snack in Phase I. We walked for an hour with my mom. The weather was warm with a chill breeze. The … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 3

Almost half-way. This is Day 10. Yaaay! 11 Days to go. I had to attend an alumni breakfast meeting this morning. I got my supplements and left home with my fruits in a container. The train was packed, so I couldn't open my delicious box of fresh fruits and eat them. Luckily, at the event they were serving all the low glycemic index fruits at the … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 2

Miso soup and chickpeas in the morning. Hmmmm!  I am eating. I'm hungry. Apparently my husband didn't eat the miso and hardly ate the chickpea paste. Lunch and dinner were ok but I am really really tired of microgreen salad now. Jicama isn't even helping. On the good side, I am not craving for sugar or sweets anymore. Just when I get down to the … [Read more...]

Ultimate Reset, Phase II, Day 1


Phase II, Day 1. Everyone weighed this morning. I might be down a pound or two but it's fluctuating. My mom's weight was about the same. We feel like our digestive system is a little bit backed up. My husband though, seems to have lost about 10 lbs. he's still complaining he's hungry and joking he's going to throw a barbecue party on day 22. I … [Read more...]