Russian Mammoth Sunflowers and Carrots


I had two new residents in my vegetable garden this year. The first one was something I seeded, expecting something else, much smaller in size. The second one, we got from our neighbors because they didn't have the space to plant everything they grew for their science project. This is the flowers of one of the "seven" Russian "Mammoth" … [Read more...]

Book review: Omnivore’s Dilemma


This week’s book is not a children’s book. The Omnivore's Dilemma: A Natural History of Four Meals is a non-fiction book about nutrition and health, which  I highly recommend everyone, who wants to figure out how to eat healthy in the age of industrialization, to read. Definition of Omnivore in the dictionary  is  “an animal or person that eats … [Read more...]

Baked Kale Chips


I have been reading the kale chips, the queen of the healthy snacks craze on many blogs. I had planted kale this year, so this is one of the recipes I tried with kale. First, I washed the leaves thoroughly and cut the stems off. I also cut the rather thicker midribs off. Then cut them in squares. I sprayed them with a little bit of olive … [Read more...]

Why I love family vacation


After 7 days of teachers union strike, public schools started 2012-2013 school year today. The extended summer break came to an end. Before the summer break, among most of the parents around me and on the blogs that I read, the main consensus about vacation was “a vacation is not a vacation when it's with kids”. I seem to be the one of the few … [Read more...]

Decorative bunk bed curtains for children


Since the children moved in to their bunk beds, I have been planning to sew decorative curtains that would reflect their own interests and likes. We went to the fabric store together and they picked their own patterns. I wanted to get a black sky, stars and galaxies fabric like the one I used for shirt for my son, we could only find this blue. This … [Read more...]