Vegetable Garden 2012 – Harvest

These are photos that I’ve taken 3 weeks ago from my vegetable garden. We can only go on vacation in August because of kid’s camp and school schedule and that is right during harvest time. I hope there will be some veggies left when we return.These are bush beans. We were able to cook and eat some before we left for vacation. My husband is freezing the beans for winter after he gives away some to family and neighbors.

Pole beans trying to reach for the clouds.

Bush beans

Corn which was ready for harvesting when we were in Turkey. My husband picked them and told me they were delicious.

All sizes and colors tomatoes. Red, pink, yellow.

This is the first year we finally got some bell peppers. Banana peppers were delicious. Yaaay!

Not too many eggplants. These new types were not very fruitful.

Broccoli is gorgeous. Yielded a lot this year. I was thinking to use their leaves but I had so much kale and spinach that I didn’t need to. They’ll be composted for next year’s garden bed.

Basil that are meant to be eaten as pesto. They smell divine. You can see the tomato plants that grew out from tomatoes fallen on the ground last year.

Second batch of arugula. Actually this is too much, considering I am the only one eating them.

Carrots: Guest veggies of this year. Let’s see hew they turn out. I hope they will be ready to pick when we come back.

Cucumber plants looked rich with leaves covering all over the trellis but actually yielded very few fruits this year. This was very disappointing since cucumber is one of my staple produces, in addition to tomatoes and greens, that I use a lot during the summer.

This is my first time growing kale and I’ll definitely continue to grow next year, maybe a little bit less but adding different green leaves to the assortment. I cooked various veggies dishes as well as baked kale chips as snacks.

These are Giant Russian Sunflowers. I didn’t realize they were going to be “truly giant”. When my husband took their picture few days ago, they surpassed 8 feet.

The heads of the sunflowers finally coming out.

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