Beaded summer dress for girls

Maxi dresses are in fashion this summer. I love them myself. My daughter has been asking me for a maxi dress for her, whenever I put on one of mine. So I found these at Jo-ann fabric. Not exactly a maxi dress model but still works. These were readily elastic thread gathered at the bustline and frilled at the skirts. I just needed the fabric cut to the measure. I just came home and fitted the fabric on my daughter and sew it with the machine.
My daughter has been crazy about bead necklaces and bracelets as every other 5 y.o. girl in the country. So I asked her to put a beaded strap at the neck and accessorize her dress. She loved the idea. She put out all her beads and filled the elastic string we decided to use as a strap. Once we knotted the ends, I sewed the strap to the dress.

We both loved the dress, conceivably. But here is the bomb. This dress attracts a lot of attention, from other 4-7 y.o girls, that they stop her to ask where she got the dress. She gets so proud, when she tells them she did it herself. Then they continue to chat about the dress and clothes. I find it very hilarious.

This is another pattern of the same elastic band gathered, ready strapless dress fabric.

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