Bristol Renaissance Faire – 2012

We went to Bristol Renaissance Faire this year. I’ve been seeing the outdoor ads for the Faire on our way to Wisconsin and Outlet Mall at Pleasant Prairie. I got our tickets at Walgreen’s, where they were cheaper than the Faire entrance. We dind’t know what to expect. The Faire was spectacular. However, at the end we spent a lot of money. Be prepared to pay more at the rides/activities per person (or children) in cash.
Got the ring

First ride, Joust practice. He got the ring.

Knighted He was knighted for his high achievement.
Pirate ship The food stores and the pirate ship.
Untitled You had to pay for to pirate ship. it looks nice from outside but didn’t worth the money to go in.
Mud Show Mud Show was funny. Shows are free and most of them are pretty good.
Untitled Flower headbands for the fairies. Of course, we got one.
Untitled It must be fun to work here.
Untitled Not a lot of healthy food options. A lot of comfort food.
Untitled Important skills to learn.
Untitled Characters jumping out from left and right.
Untitled Costume stores.
Untitled Swordsmen show included women.
Untitled More characters.
Untitled I couldn’t figure out who were actual cast vs. who were visitors.
Untitled I love how everyone stays in character.
Untitled including the fake British accent.
Queen Queen’s joust.
Untitled The whole show was very impressive..
Untitled and very convincing.
Tomato throwing in return of insults Oh this guy was hilarious. he insults the players who threw half-cut tomatoes at him, including children.
Untitled More fighting skills.
Musical instruments Learning different musical instruments.
Untitled Court procession.
Untitled I love the costumes.
Digital Camera Spotting these characters in costumes, checking their smart phones or digintql camreas were fun.
Untitled This was not a snow per se, it was literally enactment of a daily life.
Untitled Backgammon game.
Dresses More costumes.
Untitled Pirate ship by the lake.

See the complete Flick album for our Bristol Renaissance Fair visits here
Bristol Renaissance Fair – 2013


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