Decorating my daughter’s headbands

When I saw this starfish headband on my friend’s blog and I immediately pinned it to my Pinterest board. I ordered starfish, and some seashells while I was at it.
As I gathered all the beads, ribbons, laces, old gift decorations and my new glue gun along with the starfish and the shells, I realized this was a headband overhaul.

I used only the headbands we had at home. This is the starfish one. I used a lace I had purchased 10 years a go to sew on my own bridal veil. I added a sheer ribbon I saved from a gift.

I wrapped this old headband with pink ribbon. Then put a lace ribbon gathered into a circle and glued the sea shell on the top.

This was pretty easy. I just glued the shells, the starfish and pearl looking string.

My daughter did this. I just helped her use the glue gun to attach the silver, wavy ribbon and the hearts.

This is my daughter’s creation as well. I helped her glue a ribbon first. She then added the self adhesive flowers. I made the ribbon flower and added the pearl beads.

This is the same band from another angle. I tried to make the flower with one piece ribbon. I watched quite a few youtube videos but I couldn’t do it. Eventually, I cut it in pieces and sewed them together.

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