Decorating my daughter’s headbands


When I saw this starfish headband on my friend's blog and I immediately pinned it to my Pinterest board. I ordered starfish, and some seashells while I was at it. As I gathered all the beads, ribbons, laces, old gift decorations and my new glue gun along with the starfish and the shells, I realized this was a headband overhaul. I used only … [Read more...]

How to lay new sod by yourself


I've explained how we prepared the soil to resod the lawn in my post, "When weeds took over". I was closely following the weather forecast. I gave the order for the ready sod rolls from a sod farm, Central Sod Farm, for the first sunny day I spotted. Based on my research, sod farms, instead of Home Depot or Lowe's, was the best way to go. We … [Read more...]

When weeds took over our lawn


When we were looking for our house, I was leaning towards the ones with a big yard. Universe heard my wishes, God heard my prayers and we got a house with with a big yard. We moved in, in the fall. Next spring we hired landscapers to straighten out the lawn, that was untouched for years. They sodded the lawn. They helped me prepare the vegetable … [Read more...]

Questioning homework: Is it worth it?

Our son goes to a public school and is about to finish first grade. It is a magnet school that enrolls students through lottery drawing. He is at school almost for 6 hours, from 8:00am until 1:45pm. Unfortunately, within these 6 hours their lunch break is really short and they do not have a proper recess time where students can spend their … [Read more...]

Hail damage in my veggie garden


Last Thursday, just as we were getting ready to put the kids to bed, suddenly, pouring rain came down. The weather was so nice that day with 82F, storm, thunder and lightning with rain was a bad sign for the weather getting worse. Then with an exploding rumble, hail started. Kids got quite startled. It was torrential. I poked my head out of the … [Read more...]