Update from my Vegetable Garden – April

I wanted to give an update on my vegetable garden, which I’ve started on the third week of March, with some photos. A week after planting the seeds, the summer-like weather faded away and the temperatures came down to season averages. Unfortunately, we have been terribly spoiled. Everyone things it’s too cold now.

Since then 2 had 2 nights of frost. Even though the greens are supposed to be frost-tolerant I didn’t want to take any changes and covered them up with a ling plastic sheet.

Roquettes are ready to go in a salad. Fresh out fo garden, every morning. Unfortunately, golden purslane did not come out. That is my husband’s favorite green among all the things I grow. I might try again in few weeks.

Spinach is out. I’ve started to pluck few for the salad in the afternoons. There are few bean (most likely Kentucky pole) seedlings here and there. They must be the ones that fell down from last year. I have to carry them over to their planned location. Keep in my that, whatever you seed, including salads etc. you can thin, separate and replace them as loong as the seedlings look strong enough.

These are lettuce variations: Spring mix lettuce, lettuce and romaine.

This row is Kale. One of the first timers of this year. Seems to be coming out strong.

These are broccoli. I’ve have a lot of weeds coing in between rows. I wanted to see if this mulch is working to stop them. If it does then I’ll cover in between rows of veggies with it.

This is italian parsley. They didn’t even die this winter. On the right side was supposed to be new dill.

As you can see, another bunch of Italian parsley is coing out. I am still not sure whether I put parsley seeds by mistake or these are from the seeds that fell down last fall. Regardsless, I am not sure what I will do with all this parsley.

This is the dill that came out from the are, where I plan to seed corn. These are definitely from the seeds from last year. In the wrong place though. I need to figure out to place them properly before it’s time to seed the corns.

This is oregano, from the same plant I had last year. Smells very nice. I dried a lot last year but taste of the fresh oregano is very strong and bitter. I want to get a marjoram plant this year.

These are the wild mint. I give away and dry so many and still they come out like crazy. I have to keep them in control, so that they won’t take over the whole garden.

You can find my other posts on gardening under “Gardening” tag. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to leave a comment.

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