Update from my Vegetable Garden – April


I wanted to give an update on my vegetable garden, which I've started on the third week of March, with some photos. A week after planting the seeds, the summer-like weather faded away and the temperatures came down to season averages. Unfortunately, we have been terribly spoiled. Everyone things it's too cold now. Since then 2 had 2 nights of … [Read more...]

Tired of thinking

I get tired of having to think and having to make decisions on many small things, every day, instead of the actual physical chores and errands. I feel like my brain is steaming from all the thinking: what to prepare for breakfast what to prepare for snack bag what to put in the backpack for activities of the day how to answer "I don't … [Read more...]

DIY: Hand-made Star Wars rain boots


I was trying to buy new rain boots for the kids last fall. As you might imagine, there were lots of colorful boots with great designs for girls but none for boys, especially in size bigger than 1. So I talked my son into getting these plain black boots, telling him we can decorate it as he wants. I got permanent metallic markers. He wanted to … [Read more...]