Product Review: Apple Slicer

You might think I am lazy, when you take a look at the picture of this post. First, yes, I am a bit lazy. In truth, I had thought this product was a lazy-man’s-work as well, when I had first seen it. I had thought, can’t people use knives to slice an apple anymore?

However, I have been using this slicer every single day, sometimes more than once since I’ve purchased it. I purchased it actually for some other reason I cannot remember now. But it sure makes my work easy when preparing fruits for snacks for school or after dinner. I’ve used it with apples, pears. I have even tried with a pineapple but the core of the pineapple was bigger than the slicer could handle. It’s quite practical and comfortable to use.

There are different models. I recommend that you choose the ones with the bigger handles on the sides because you lean your weight to let the tool cut. Also pick a bigger size if you can find it.

If your child complains that the sliced apples you put in his/her lunch bags are turning brown, you can cut the fruit with this slicer and put it back together with a rubber band around it to prevent the darkening.

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