Planning the vegetable garden layout

I always plan the layout of the vegetable garden before planting for that year. I usually plant new items and drop some items that I cannot grow really well. Sometime I just change the amount I am planting. Eventually, I do a new plan every year.

I start with taking the measurements of the areas I am planning to grow vegetables. Here my helpers are taking the measurements.

Then I put all my seeds in front of me and note down the seedling I am going to buy from the organic plant sale. I draw a grid (each grid represents a square foot) layout on a paper. Reading the instructions on the seed packs and knowing how far I need to plant the tomato and eggplant seedlings.

I take these into consideration:

  1. I rotate plants every year.
  2. I plant them so that taller plants do not overshadow the smaller plants.
  3. Based on what I read in gardening magazines and websites, I try to put complementary plants next to each other. 
Then  I start to place where I am going to plant what on the grid.

After laying out the grid, I started with seeding the early spring greens. You have to plant the greens except for arugula and golden purslane in a row. I dug out rows of small canals with a stick and put seeds for kale, spinach, broccoli, lettuce and romaine. I wrote the names of the plants on craft sticks with a marker and stuck in front of the rows.
Once I put the seeds in, I closed the canals with the help of a rake.
Then I spread the purslane and arugula seeds and covered them with peat moss to prevent the birds from eating them.

Let’s take a note to history. As of Tuesday, March 13, 2012, I seeded my green leafy plants and watered them to germinate.

If you closely look at the first picture and the last picture, you’ll see that the parsley that was spread around is now in a smaller area. Right next to it, I seeded dill. On the right side, I seeded spinach, 3 types of lettuce and romaine, purslane, arugula, kale and broccoli. I will plant cucumber seedlings by the trellis on the right side, when weather gets warmer. I will seed corn and two types of beans on the left side.


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