Stop dieting, start eating healthy

In my posts about my transformation story,  I wanted to share my excitement about conquering my struggles, and moving beyond the ups and downs of my long lost weight loss adventure at almost 35, by starting to eat healthy and sating active.  The most important thing I've have learned during this revelation was that “eating healthy and living an … [Read more...]

Product Review: Apple Slicer


You might think I am lazy, when you take a look at the picture of this post. First, yes, I am a bit lazy. In truth, I had thought this product was a lazy-man's-work as well, when I had first seen it. I had thought, can't people use knives to slice an apple anymore? However, I have been using this slicer every single day, sometimes more than once … [Read more...]

Planning the vegetable garden layout


I always plan the layout of the vegetable garden before planting for that year. I usually plant new items and drop some items that I cannot grow really well. Sometime I just change the amount I am planting. Eventually, I do a new plan every year. I start with taking the measurements of the areas I am planning to grow vegetables. Here my helpers … [Read more...]

Best indoor plants for air quality

Best indoor plants for air quality

Forests and plants are our source of life on this Earth. They provide us with oxygen and food. What's even nicer is that they aren’t necessarily have to be outdoors. There are many indoor plants for air quality which help decorate your house at the same time. As a matter of fact, I grew up in a household where there was always a corner or a room … [Read more...]

Bell pepper flower eggs


This is a Pinterest inpised breakfast. All you have to do is: Find big, curvy bell peppers of any color. Slice them horizontally Put them on a pan Crack the eggs into the slices Make sure peppers touch the pan well so that the egg white does not flow out. Decorate with leaves or cucumbers as you wish.   … [Read more...]

Preparation for vegetable garden 2012


I received the second catalog from the seed company. Since the weather has ben unseasonably warm in Chicago I decided to roll up my sleeves and get ready for "vegetable garden 2012". If you are looking forward to grow your own veggies in your garden this summer, you better get preparing. This is my 5th year in my garden. I feel seasoned enough … [Read more...]