Pottery work with children

Kids like arts and crafts activities that keep their hands busy and messy. One of “our” favorite activities is pottery.

This pottery wheel toy was given to us as a gift, at a birthday party where I asked the guests to bring only arts and crafts related gifts, if they were to choose to bring any. We immediately opened it and put it to use. The clay was included along with tools and instructions.

We covered the table with newspapers, put on the aprons and then got messy with clay. This is one level messier than play dough, but it’s much more fun because there is less control.

One is waiting, while the other one is shaping his pottery.

Kids got this pottery making pretty quickly. The power of the toy’s motor was a-ok. We had to stick the clay to the wheel really hard. When the clay got wet and started to slip, I had to dry it out and stick it back. There are tools to shape and sculpt as well. The toy got very dirty with clay but my daughter cleaned it really well with a wet cleaning towel.
The clay which was brown when wet, turned white when dried. Once dry, kids painted them with the paints that came with the toy. The paint dried to a shiny color as if varnished. These are kids’ first pottery pieces.

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Pottery wheel for kids

Materials used for this project:

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