How to make toy robots from used materials

I see lots of different stores at the airports during my business travels. I saw these robots in one of the stores at an airport. They were adorable. I took few pictures as a mental note, to replicate these at home with all the boxes and stuff I have been collecting to do crafts.

The body and head parts were easy to find however I had to improvise for arms and legs. I dug through the tool and parts box. I found

  • 2 old shower cabin door wheels,
  • 2 unused couch legs (still trying to figure our which furniture),
  •  4 extra cabinet door knobs,
  • some beads and
  • lots of long screws.

I used tempera paint for painting the final product.

I put out all the materials we could use. Kids picked their own pieces for their own design. Obviously, there was a little bit of argument for parts that were not equal in number but we eventually reached agreement who uses what. kids painted their own robots as they wanted.

I helped them drill holes with the drill and they screwed parts under my observation with the medium power hand tool.

These are the finished robots. Kids loved doing them and love their finished products. They are pretty sizable so I am not sure whether I can keep these forever. You can guess which one was made by my daughter!

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