Angry Birds themed breakfast


My children love Angry birds. They knew Angry Birds, even before we had any smart phones. One morning I prepared them Angry Birds themed breakfast, just for the fun of it. I used a leftover pancake from the day before and half a pita bread. Egg whites (from hard cooked egg) and cherry jam pieces for the eyes. Homemade plum marmalade for the face … [Read more...]

How to make toy robots from used materials


I see lots of different stores at the airports during my business travels. I saw these robots in one of the stores at an airport. They were adorable. I took few pictures as a mental note, to replicate these at home with all the boxes and stuff I have been collecting to do crafts. The body and head parts were easy to find however I had to … [Read more...]

Nail polish for girls and guns for boys

The culture we pass on to our kids is so particular that it not only changes from country to country, or region to region but differs even from neighbor to neighbor. From how we dress our kids, what we feed them with, the toys we buy for them, to the things we allow them to do, everyone’s "normal" varies.  Still, we expect everyone to be similar. … [Read more...]

My educational utopia


In yesterday's post I wrote on various educational philosophies and the certain aspects of which I like about these philosophies, was the summary of what my children learn at their school, the research I have done to learn what I can provide them better as well as things I came across due to selective attention. As I wrote yesterday, I think it … [Read more...]

Make your own homemade pre-packed waffle and pancake mix


I like to serve different breakfast options to kids during the week. Weekends are pancake and waffle days. If the kids aren't extremely hungry or I haven't decided to sleep in, kids prepare their own pancakes and waffles under my observation - from far away. The recipe is taped to the cabinet door. They know where the ingredients are. They measure … [Read more...]

How to do a waterfall braid


Pinterest is a really bad influence for mere mortals who already have major ADHD issues, like me. This hair styling model, you see the picture above is one of those things I found on Pinterest. It is called the "Waterfall braid". It took me few tries to be able to do it on myself, but I was able to pull it off. It was rather easier to do it on my … [Read more...]

I am “beautiful” enough

Negative Body Image

Just when I was finishing up my series on my transformation story and getting ready to start a new year, I came around a children's book called "I am beautiful".  I had just returned from my vacation at a resort where there were lots of gorgeous Russian women, quite rested but with declined self-esteem, despite the fact that I went there in the … [Read more...]

Pottery work with children


Kids like arts and crafts activities that keep their hands busy and messy. One of "our" favorite activities is pottery. This pottery wheel toy was given to us as a gift, at a birthday party where I asked the guests to bring only arts and crafts related gifts, if they were to choose to bring any. We immediately opened it and put it to use. The … [Read more...]