Product Review: Portable Hide Away Bed Rail

Kids have been sleeping in their new bunk beds for a long time. My son is 6,5 and daughter is 4 years-old now. They occasionally wake up at night. Sometimes they come into our bed in the morning. In some cases, when they need to sleep in separate rooms, when one still wants to chat, we take one into our bedroom (until they fall asleep) and the other one sleeps in his/her own bed. When this happens we use this portable hide-away bed rail to prevent the children fall out of bed.

This bed rail has a very light structure but is very strong. Setup and take down is very quick and easy. It snugs tightly under the mattress. When you are not using it, you can put it away under the mattress in few snaps and clicks.

Beware that the side of the box and the mattress should be exposed and not hidden in a bed frame, to be able to use this product.

You can even take it along with you to vacation, which we’ve never tried. I really like this product and highly recommend to anyone, who is looking for a portable solution..

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