Parents as teachers, parents as entertainers and other parenting styles

parentingstyle Every parent has a different parenting style. In our household, I and my husband have self-assigned duties and responsibilities in the daily life of our children, based on our individual personalities and interests.

For example I am a teacher parent. I am the “Secretary of Education”. I feel more comfortable with activities such as reading, arts, crafts, educational activities, creative writing etc. I like to take the kids to museums and theater performances. I like to provide them the environment and let them entertain themselves. For example, there is no school this week. So I prepared our “Daily Schedule” filled with reading, arts&crafts, games and activities. This is my style.

My husband is more spontaneous. He is more of a player/entertainer. He likes to sit along with kids and play with legos,  pretend play or play tag, run around, play football. That’s his style and -unfortunately for me – this makes him the favorite parent.

I am also the athletic parent. I taught my kids how to ski, swim, bike and play tennis. If we are going to get active, instead of playing tag, I prefer organized sports. I plan for weekend trips to ski resorts, bike rides in the trail and follow the pool hours. My husband is in charge of football, basketball and soccer.

My husband is also the musician parent. He teaches the kids reading note sheets, playing guitar etc.

I think we are a well-balanced couple, because if one of us weren’t player / entertainer, kids would have died from boredom. We complement each others parenting styles.

How do you describe your and your spouse’s parenting styles?


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