How my transformation began


2004: Before I got pregnant for my son, I was fit as far as my weight and measurements went. I was working out regularly. My pregnancy went really well. Despite being chocolateholic, I never touched sweets and/or chocolate during my pregnancy. (started 140 lbs. -63.5 kg)

2005: Giving birth in May is a wonderful thing for the physical and psychological health of a new mother. My mother came close to my due date and left little after I gave birth. I signed up for Avon Walk for Breast Cancer so I started to train by the Lake Shore. By the time I was done with the Walk, I had only 5 lbs left to lose, but I was in shape. (145 lbs)

2007: During my pregnancy for my daughter, I gained more weight than I wanted. My mother was with me 2 months prior and 6 months after my delivery. She fed me like any Mediterranean mom would, for 4 people. So I couldn’t lose any more weight than what I had lost during delivery. (160 lbs.)

2008: It was summer already. The baby weight was still there. I was feeling tired all the time. When my T values came out abnormal in a bld cunt in August, they check my thyroids with ultrasound and I was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s disease and started taking medication.

2009: After this, worse of the worst happened. I was exercising and controlling what I ate but still couldn’t lose the weight. Then I let it go and everything went downhill from there. I was literally gaining weight 1 lb / day. There was a period where had unbearable rash and I had to go on antihistamine medicine for 6 months. I changed my thyroid meds and nothing changed.

2010: I was back at work. It was winter.I was working out of home, sitting in front of the computer all day. I put on more weight. I had to travel to Sweden for business. It was during the time when the volcano Eyjafjallajökull had erupted in Iceland. I could not fit into any of my clothes so I had to go shopping to buy size 14 clothes, the biggest even in my life. I was now face to face with the ugly truth but didn’t have the courage to take on it. In Sweden, the food was amazing, even though I only ate fish, veggies and salads. I must have eaten a lot. When I returned to United States, the scale was tipping at 180 pounds. I wrote my post titled “We have begun our descent”.

June 2010: I took long time off from work in Summer. While I was taking care of my kids and having a great time with them at home, I started working out. Watching what I ate and how I cooked I shed the initial 20 lbs of the total 40 lbs that I put on in total.

January 1, 2011: On the night of the New Year’s Eve, we invited friends over for dinner. After stuffing ourselves with delicious food everyone brought, I and one f my friends made a pact to challenge ourselves and follow a healthy eating and active life in the New Year as long as we could. I did not lose an ounce for the first month. But I persevered, thanks to my friend’s support. I lost another 9 lbs in 4 months.

May 2011: We took our annual trip to Turkey. I broke a personal record by gaining back the 7 of 9lbs, that I lost in 4 months, in two weeks. I was very disappointed in myself. When I got back home, I was assigned to a long, stressful project and didn’t get a chance to exercise and consumed lots of junk food.

September 2011: After the project, I found a support group. I was back to healthy eating and regular exercise. Since then I have been educating myself, learning new things. My mother is with us and still trying to feed me for 4. It is to cold to workout outside. I still have with Hashimoto’s and I am busy at work. Finally, I told myself…

I cannot keep living with excuses anymore.

Footnote: Since I am the main photographer in our household and being an expert in hiding parts of my body where I feel uncomfortable about, here is the only picture my husband had taken which I labeled as “before” picture where I look bootylicious in my size “14” jeans….

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