Boys’ shirts for space fans

Boy's shirt
I’ve shared the easy sew dresses that I’ve sewn for my daughter. Sewing for girls is fun, with lost of fabrics, patterns and accessories choices. Choices for boys are very limited. In any case, I sewed few pieces that my son would like. He chose his own fabrics. I chose the patterns. This fabric was cotton,  bright and colorful. I saved the remaining pieces to use the rockets for a project or something. (Edit: I used them for my son’s space-themed bunk bed curtain)
Boy's shirt This shirt is made by my grandma. We got the fabric, she made up the model. To be honest, this is his favorite. If it hasn’t been apparent until now, my son’s current favorite subject is space, rockets, stars, planets and earth. He soaks up everything about these like a sponge.
Boy's shirt This fabric was fun on the bolt but doesn’t really look as cool as a shirt. Kinda looks like a magicians’ shirt. Not that magicians are not cool. I messed up this one’s collar while sewing. Luckily, my grandma saved the day. I used the same pattern for the first one and this one. I modified the sleeves, made the first one a short sleeve and this one long. I got experienced in collars and cuffs with these two shirts.

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