Book holder for exercise equipment

Two of my daily goals are to workout and to read every day. Sometimes 24-day is not enough to squeeze these two tasks into. If I can get them both done, then I feel lie I’ve accomplished a major goal. If I run outside, then I listen to audio boos. If I workout with DVDs then I have to read another time. If I cannot workout another way, I get on my Tony Little Gazelle Glider. I got it from Craigslist for $25. It’s very compact and I like it a lot.

It doesn’t have a built-in book holder and the handles are right at the front. There is no panel or dashboard for me to put a plastic book holder, that you can find online. So I decided to make my own book holder that I would attach to the floor lamp.

I made this out of cardboard box. I covered it with wood-patterned adhesive liner. I folded the bottom part so that it would hold the pages, but it would be easier for me to turn the pages as I worked out. I used packaging tape to attached the book holder to the floor lap and used another tape to fix the lamp to the window frame, because the weight of the book would bend the lamp down. I also cut a band from a sheer plastic sleeve to hold the pages.

Now I can read while I ride my glider. Two birds with one stone.


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