Benefits of Water – Lemon Water, Cinnamon Water and Sparkling Water

One cannot leave water out, when the subject is healthy eating, healthy weight loss and easy nursing. Especially if you’re changing your diet and reducing your portions, it is important to increase your water intake for your digestion system to continue functioning well.

If you would like to make sure you are getting the right amount of water every day, you can buy a glass, stainless steel or BPA-free plastic water bottle (edit 2014: beware of the Triclosan in BPA-free plastic bottles. Glass and stainless steel might be the safest way to go) with measurements on it so you can track how much you are drinking per day.

Keep one bottle at home and one at work. You might choose to carry it in your bag all the time, which I do. I have been going everywhere with my water bottle for the last 1- 1,5 years. I fill it up in the morning and then once in the afternoon. Of course, this means more visits to the restroom but moving is good for the body.

Also, if you are still lactating, you should continue eating healthy and up your water intake to increase your milk. You do not have to rely on sweets and deserts for your milk. Water you drink is the main source.

Benefits of drinking water besides keeping you alive:

1. Being thirsty might make you feel hungry. When you are hungry, drink lots of water it will satisfy your hunger.
2. Drinking water 1 to half hour before meals will help you to fill up and digest quicker.
2. Your cells will be renewed and your skin will be refreshed.
3. Your digestion system will function well.
4. It’ll help you burn more fat.


lemonwater When I wake up every morning, along with my thyroid hormone, I squeeze a quarter of lemon into my water and drink it. If you search online, you will see that “lemon water” is extremely good for health and highly recommended. It will cleanse your digestion system in the morning. I don’t drink lemon water just because it helps me lose weight. I don’t believe it helps you lose weight on its own. It is diuretic with extra vitamin C, great for the liver, cleanses your intestines.( For further information on the health benefits of lemon water, please Google it.)


After breakfast every morning, I drink a bottle of sparkling water, you might choose to drop a piece of lemon in your sparking water, that’s also great for digestion.


cinnamonwater I put a cinnamon stick into my water. especially when I crave for sweets in the afternoon. It sweetens my water and stabilizes my sugar levels in blood stream and it is believed to help decrease need for sugar consumption. I think this is a method also used by people with diabetes. Cinnamon is one of the best natural sweeteners. You can use it in your tea as a natural sweetener.



I drink 2 cups of herbal tea every day. I prefer linden tea, green teas with herbs or flowers, chai tea, and other herbal teas. I never drink sodas or juice. When your body gets used to drinking water it gives you signals. When I feel hungry, instead of eating some junk food, I drink water first. Especially when I am at my desk working, feeling like eating something, I drink water instead, it refreshes me.

I brainwashed my mother as well. We bought her a huge water bottle. She starts her day with lemon water and continues drinking water throughout the day.

Just keep chugging it. Your body will love it.


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