An ordinary day – Good Morning

From the narrow window of my blog, our life might seem pretty easy and relaxed since I mostly write how I manage to do multiple things, share practical ideas, and solutions around the life with children. If I come up with a good post, it means that, I had to  struggle and stumble and finally find a way to get through the emotional and physical roller coaster to find these ideas and solutions, I share. Here is what’s going on behind the scenes, in an ordinary day of my life.

During the week, sometimes I wake up earlier, sometimes my kids do. Even though this is rare, sometimes both of my kids wake up earlier than me. They come into my room and cuddle with me in the bed. This makes me the happiest mother on earth and my day starts so bright as if the sun rose behind my bed.

On other days, the following dialogue is repeated every single morning exactly like Groundhog Day:

My son: (Sleepy eyes, lips pursed) Mom, where is dad?  (Of course, he knows the answer.)

Me: (Feeling the pain coming right after my following answer) At work honey.

My son: (Frowning, really upset) No! I don’t want my dad to go to work. (Stomping his feet on the ground) Please, dad don’t go to work!

Since, we have been going through the same ritual everyday for years, the answer I will provide at this point is very important. I understand that the real reason of his frustration is not only because my husband is at work. We all know that my being at home is also useless. Even if I say “Sweetie, I am at home with you now”, the answer is inevitable: “I don’t want you, I want my dad.”

The fact of the matter is that my son knows if dad is at, it means it is a week day. As a result, he and his sister will go to school and I will stay at home to work from home. I know from experience that whatever logical consolation I might provide, will result in a bigger backlash. The one thing I learned in the last 3 years that he has been talking, is that, this little man is bound to be grumpy in the mornings and all he needs, is to be listened to without interruptions all the way to the end.

So instead, I tell him “Come honey, give me a hug.” He does and I squeeze him as much as he allows me to. He will keep grunting a little while longer….

Every single weekday morning…

While all this is happening, my daughter usually keeps herself occupied quietly, without paying any attention to the drama unfolding right beside her.

Then starts the breakfast ceremony… An ordinary day – Breakfast and leaving home


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